Make your own faucet

How to make a bitcoin faucet from 0 to fully work site

If you want to run your own bitcoin faucet, and you don't know where to start and how to do it. This guide will help you.

From 0 to fully work faucet. Every detail is explained with examples and screenshots.

What you will learn?

1) How to register and install a hosting. ( +bonus instruction how to get a free hosting )

2) How to install your faucet on your hosting.

3) How to use database and an ftp program.

4) Instruction on admin panel, how to use it.

5) Every step is followed by an screenshot with an example.

6) What ads better to use.

All instructions are organised step by step so you do not get confused what and when you need to do.

All screenshots are available in separated map so you can open it separately and zoom.

Instructions are in 2 formats, pdf and doc .

part 1

Download link :!10ti1aJD

You will receive the key instantly after paying.

First 10 buyers will get it for special price:

Standart price
First 10

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You can pay with bitcoin or litecoin.


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